Oracle Training
Oracle Administration
Oracle Database Administration
DBA-Group’s specialists can perform all necessary tasks as regular Oracle Databases Administrator:
  • Installation and initial setup of Oracle Database;
  • Creation of necessary Tablespaces and Datafiles and Storage Planning for Database Objects like Tables and Indexes;
  • Creation of Users, setup Password Authentification and Right Assignment;                            
  • Performance Tuning of Oracle Database, SQL and PL/SQL code;
  • Audit of performance and reliability of Oracle Database and protection level of date;
  • Planning of Backup and Recovery strategy for Maximum Fault Tolerance;
  • Setup backup procedures of the Oracle Database (RMAN) for Date Protection;
  • Fast Recovery of Database if any failure happened;
  • Installation and setup system of monitoring and notification for Oracle Database (Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control);
  • Upgrade of the Oracle Database;
  • Monitoring of Oracle Database and permission of emergency situations;

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