Oracle Training
Welcome to DBA-Group!
Welcome to DBA-Group!
DBA-Group is Ukrainian team of experienced Oracle Database Administrators.
We offer Remote Oracle Database Administration and provide full Database Outsourcing Support to companies that do not require Oracle DBA. Also we can perform all DBA tasks separately without Long Term Full Support Agreement.
We are one of the first companies in Ukraine providing this service from 2006.
Our specialists perform all necessary tasks as regular Oracle DBA:
  • Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of Oracle Database
  • Setup and Administration backups of your Database                                               
  • Perform User Security and Access Management, database Audit
  • Setup and Maintenance High Availability configuration (RAC, Standby Data Guard)
  • Instance Performance Tuning, Tuning SQL and PL/SQL
  • Alert Monitoring and Health management of Database
  • Database disaster recovery planning
  • Administration and Monitoring of Scheduled Jobs

With Remote DBA Support you receive:
  • Cost effective solution for Administration of your Databases
  • Very experienced DBA that never leave your Company
  • Proactive support of your Oracle Database
  • Quick startup of any project with Oracle Database
  • Consulting Service for Your Architects, Developers and Administrators for optimal use of Features of Oracle Database and Hardware Architecture.
And any other service in Oracle Database Administration if your need.

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